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How Have You Been Feeling Lately?

As the end of summer approaches and we all await the fall, this yearly time of transition feels nothing like we’ve ever experienced. The dreaded shopping for school supplies has turned into figuring out where to set up the kids’ computer work stations at home. What was supposed to be a few weeks of lock-down to “flatten the curve” has turned into nearly 6 months of the new normal. And these are just a few of the long list of major changes that have been abruptly thrust upon us without our choosing.

Of course, the reason for all these changes is being blared out over the TV, radio, and social media like bomb sirens day in and day out. Even if we try to ignore the news and such, we are reminded of it as we put on our face masks to do anything in public. And the most intense stress is the direct effect almost all of us have felt with so many of our family and friends that have fallen ill or passed away during this pandemic.

Naturally our minds look for an explanation of what to do, what to expect, or why this is happening. But during this process we get an array of opinions from the medical experts that leads to further confusion. I could add to the confusion, but that is for another time.

Then there’s the persistent and ever-present stress of money. The reality of what we have just done to our economy is almost too ugly to even think of. The one two punch of emotional and financial disasters is attacking our minds like never before, and with the current environment it can feel impossible to seek help.

Our minds are incredible and resilient, but when stressed the brain will attempt to protect itself. This instinctive protection appears in different ways and varies not only from person to person, but also by age. These protective mechanisms from the brain can be confusing to you, but to a physician these are symptoms. That feeling of being tired might be from your brain, not low testosterone or anemia. I’ll spare you from reviewing the list of what a stressed mind feels like because there are plenty of these everywhere.

So, as you already knew, it is the mental stressors that have you feeling this way. Trust your instincts on how to adjust and maybe talk about it with someone to vent your feelings rather than explode one day and become viral on the internet (pun intended). Of course, I do recommend seeing your primary care provider to discuss stress. You might be surprised on how much we understand and can help.

Be safe, be happy, and be healthy,

Dr. Stinson

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1 Comment

Jean Lopez
Jean Lopez
Jan 21, 2022

Hello I was wondering if you could have pharmacy switch my current medication to IR-Jean Lopez

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